Tuesday , October 4 2022

This weekend, even three asteroids and a genius comet cross the Earth


It is likely that the collision with Earth's comet will not cause any harm, because as soon as it enters the atmosphere of our planet, it will burn and become simply a falling star.

It is likely that there would be no damage to the Earth's comet conflict, as soon as it entered the atmosphere of our planet, it would burn and it would simply be a fall.

NASA's eye captures three huge asteroids and a comet that has to roll the Earth this weekend. The first of the 2018 VS1 asteroids 1,386,771 km. Our planet will take off at 14:03. on Saturday

Experts from California believe that their size can range from 3.65 to 27.7 meters in length. There are no dangers that an asteroid will encounter with the Earth, but if that were the case, then the consequences could be very bad, he writes.

The second asteroid, with its size and speed, is similar to the first, but will be at a much safer distance of 5.02 million kilometers.

However, the third asteroid will fly much closer. The asteroid CX1 will move on Earth at about 18:21. On Saturday, the distance from us will be only 381,474 km. This is even a smaller distance separating the Earth and the Moon.

Objects flying around the Sun can approach the Earth from time to time.

"Let's underline that" close "astronomical misalignment may be far from the" human "perspective: millions or even tens of millions of miles," the US space agency warned.

And if it is not enough, it will fit into this whole trio with a horrible abdominal comet.

It is officially called "2015 TB145" and was last on Earth since October 31, 2015. This time from our planet, it will be at 486,022 km, equivalent to about 1.3 distances that divide the Earth and the Moon.

The object of this unusual form is in fact a ghost of the comet destroyed by the Sun, a dead comet that has been around for millions of years around our star.

Its diameter is about 700 meters.

The asteroid consists essentially of rocks or metal, while the comets consist of ice and rocks.

It is believed that Halloween, even the name of Death, called the cosmic rock, had the character of a comet until it evaporated for a long time and became "dead".

It is possible that when it collides with the Earth it will not cause harm because once it enters the atmosphere of our planet, it will burn and become simply a falling star.

However, there is nothing to fear for a comet or the other three asteroids mentioned above with the Earth.

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