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Botox: Who is it, who uses it and what are the risks associated with infusion of the most deadly substance known to humans? – Asean Plus


For those fighting for the loss of battle against aging, Botox injections have long been seen as a risk worth taking.

An industry of many billions of dollars, millions of people worldwide use the drug for cosmetic purposes, and aesthetics institutes and clinics in Hong Kong charge between HK $ 3,000 and HK $ 10,000 per treatment as image battle wrinkles realize and kick the legs in an effort to maintain youthful complexion.

Celebrities from Hollywood to Bollywood are known to use it, although few admit it publicly. Nicole Kidman confessed to try it on her face in 2011 and said she did not allow her to make any expressions.

Temporary facial paralysis is one of the many side effects but the 2006 report claimed that the drug was associated with 16 deaths and this week Hong Kong saw its first appearance of Botox subtitles playing a role in her death Zoe Cheung Shuk – edible fish of the north.

Dr. Franklin Li Wang-pong, a 86-year-old plastic surgeon, was arrested for the incident, which again raised concerns about the danger of this popular beauty.

Hong Kong's top banker named a woman who died after injections of Botox

What is Botox?

Botanical toxin or Botox as it is widely known is the most deadly substance known to humans. Scientists have estimated that one gram of H could kill more than one million people, while two pounds could eliminate the entire human population of the earth.

But, they are types A and B used commercially and medically. Injections are commonly used in cosmetic procedures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. It also serves other medical purposes, such as the treatment of severe sweating in the underside of the body and the overactive bladder.

Dr. Ho Chiu-ming, a specialist in plastic surgery, said the results of an injection usually last for up to six months.

What are the risks?

According to the Ministry of Health, people taking Botox infusion can develop difficulty in chewing, swallowing, talking or breathing. These problems can occur hours, days or weeks after an injection. The US Food and Drug Administration has added a 2009 safety alert, according to which the toxin "may spread from the injection site to cause symptoms of the botulinum toxin", such as falling eyelids or blurred vision.

Ho said that if the toxin was infused in some nerves or blood vessels, other problems such as bleeding or bruising could happen.

While the toxin can reduce wrinkles, he said he could also restrict facial expressions.

The medical prisoner has questions about the restoration of Botox's license

Are there serious side effects common?

Hong Kong recorded the first suspected case of botulism, a rare but serious illness caused by botulinum toxin in 2016. A total of 13 such cases were recorded that year. There were three such cases last year and it was at least three this year. In most of these cases, people experienced symptoms such as difficulty in swallowing, generalized weakness and difficulty in breathing after taking Botox for cosmetic purposes either in Hong Kong or in mainland China. They received injections in parts of the body, such as their muscles or face.

What should you know before you take a Botox injection?

Botox injections in Hong Kong should only be done by local doctors. Ho said in addition to plastic surgeons, some other doctors, such as dermatologists, and general practitioners, also offered the service.

The specialist says if the injection was not done by a doctor, there could be concerns about the drainage and the quality of the toxin used.

In addition to choosing a suitable person to carry out the procedure, the health authorities have stated that people should also have a clear understanding of the process, possible risks and complications before taking the injection.

Despite the deaths, she has not yet taken action in the Hong Kong beauty industry

What arrangements apply to beauty treatments in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has no specific laws regulating beauty treatments. However, a fatal 2012 massacre in which a woman died after treatment by the beauty of the DR Group chain has prompted the government to consider plans to regulate the medical beauty industry.

So far, the government has proposed the bill on private medical facilities, which was approved by the Legislative Council on Thursday. The new decree aims to regulate four types of facilities, such as hospitals, day-care centers, clinics and health care institutions. The framework will cover the licensing system and the regulatory requirements of these facilities. Health minister Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee said that the high-risk medical procedures performed there will also be regulated. A separate regulatory framework for medical devices is also expected to be submitted to Legco at this legislative session.

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