Saturday , April 1 2023

Football: Man United's Lukaku from the Juve game with injury


Robble Loukaku was eliminated from Manchester United's match in Juventus due to injuries from injury and is also a doubt about Sunday's Premier League derby with Manchester City, Moscow team manager Jose Mourinho said.

Lukaku, who has four goals for United this season and has not been able to score for his club since mid-September, lost his previous Saturday's trip to Bournemouth with muscle injury.

"(Lukaku) was injured for tomorrow and we do not know about Sunday," Mourinho told a press conference in Turin before the Champions League clash on Wednesday.

The Torino match on Wednesday opens Cristiano Ronaldo of Juve against the group he played from 2003-09.

The Serie A leaders of Juventus are the H Group's top players at nine points, with United ranked second in four.

Mourinho said his team had to draw lessons from the 1-0 victory last month from the Italian champions and try to start on the front leg.

"We work every day … but the reality is that we normally do not start the game well, but if we do not start well and finish well, it's fine," he added.

"It's good fun for fans, but football is 90 minutes and especially when your opponent is strong, if you give 45 minutes advantage, or even 20 or even 10, you have a mountain to climb.

"The good thing is that recently, in addition to Juventus' (last) fight, we were quite strong enough to climb the mountain and change the race in the last few minutes. When you play against a super team like tomorrow, if you give away an advantage, it's difficult to climb the mountain. "

(Reference by Alan Baldwin and Simon Jennings, edited by Pritha Sarkar)

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