Thursday , June 8 2023

Former Goldman Roger Ng banker to be issued in the US by January 2019: Amar


KUALA LUMPUR: Goldman Sachs ex-banker Ng Chong Hwa, 51, or better knows that Roger Ng is expected to be issued in the United States within 60 days of his arrest in connection with 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

Commissioner Datuk Seri, Amar Singh, said the Malaysian police had received a 60-day prison notice for the former banker after his arrest on November 1 and helped the US Department of Justice (DoJ) with the editing process.

"The Justice Minister must complete all the necessary adjustments and documentation regarding the extradition process within 60 days," he told reporters after the start of Sri Khartamas police on Wednesday.

The fugitive financier Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low and former chairman of Goldman Sachs in Southeast Asia, Tim Leissner, was also accused by the DOJ of multiple countless injustices against a foreign nation involving embezzlement, theft and misappropriation of public funds to and for the benefit of of a public servant amounting to billions of dollars.

They are also accused of conspiring to violate the American False Practices Act on Foreign Practices (FCPA), which also mentions supposed bribery cases with Malaysian and Abu Dhabi officials.

Leissner pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to launder money and violate FCPA and ordered him to pay $ 43.7 million (182 million RM).

Ng was also reported along with Low, Najib's general, Riza Aziz, and Leissner, in a move to transfer funds from bond transactions eventually used to fund the film, The Wall Street Wolf.

Meanwhile, when asked to comment on Media Prima Bhd computer systems that have been destroyed by cyber-attackers, Amar said the police are investigating the issue.

On Tuesday, The Edge Financial Daily said Media Prima was hit by a ransomware attack requiring 1,000 bitcoins, equivalent to about 26.4 million RM, to release access to computer systems.

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