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Meet Disney pastry chef who is the leader behind some of the most virgin desserts in the park, Business Insider


Gracie Gomez, a baker at the main bakery in Disney Adventure Park in California.

Gracie Gomez, a baker at the main bakery in Disney Adventure Park in California.
Courtesy of Disneyland Resort
  • Gracie Gomez is one of the protagonists behind all of these Disneyland desserts.
  • Gomez is a member of the cast who works in the Central Bakery as a chef. He supervises items of desserts for Disney California Adventure Park, including events such as the Pixar Fest.
  • According to Gomez, creating one of the new Disneyland desserts you are always reading is the process.
  • The favorite dessert he has ever created is Jack Jack's Cookie Num Nums at Pixar Pier.

When you think of Disney parks and resorts, you might think of a castle, Mickey Mouse, and sweet treats that are served to visitors daily in all the parks.

Gracie Gomez is the creative genius behind the delicious desserts that come out at Disneyland Resort, including all the latest additions to the parks thanks to the Pixar Fest.

Gomez began her journey with The Walt Disney Company in 2002 as a candy producer. She moved her career from the candy maker to help Napa Rose dessert line, located in Disney's Grand Californian, for about a year before returning to the candy department. Leaded and trained in Disneyland's Main Street kitchen, which was considered to be the main role while he was there. He even learned how to make Disney's famous candy candy match for hours to reach every day during the holiday season.

While Gomez's career took her other places outside Walt Disney, she has always returned to her two passions – Sweet and Disney. By 2014, he had a role at Disneyland Resort Central Bakery as a pastry chef assistant. He will go through the Emerging Leader Program and help with various projects, including desserts for Club 33, Disney's most exclusive private restaurant and the launch of 21 Royal, a Disneyland hidden experience worth $ 15,000. By the end of the Emerging Leader's Program, she was offered a permanent role with Central Bakery.

Currently, Gomez lives in the Central Bakery as a chef and watches the desserts for the Disney California Adventure Park – including all the festivals. She also supervises the cake team responsible for the wedding cake presented in Disney's Fairytale Weddings.

Its working days are far from monotonous. One day Gomez can play with ingredients for a new menu, and the next, he searches for an upcoming work, while helping members with daily orders. It even has the duty to approach visitors directly on custom custom cakes. Regardless of the appearance of her day, there is no doubt that she and her team are doing magic.

There was no hesitation when asked what a favorite dessert she has ever created for Disney is. He loves the Jack Jack Jackie's secret number in Pixar Pier. A long time, research and taste testing occurred before receiving the biscuits visitors today. What's the best place for Jack Jack cookie? This should be the hidden members of Mickey's cast to work carefully to create on a daily basis.

According to Gomez, creating one of the new Disneyland desserts you are always reading is the process. Many samples are made before the final recipe is decided, and the cast members have been trained on how to do it. Once chefs agree on a recipe, a live date is set and desserts are delivered to the site for guests to enjoy.

When asked who are the best sweet doctors in the park, Gomez said he would direct guests to Cafe Jolly Holiday Bakery at Disneyland Park. Here you will find handmade brownies, pasta and cakes all in one place.

Gomez does not see herself leaving Walt Disney shortly, especially since her days are spent creating magic for visitors. He even admits control of social media from time to time only to see how parks visits react to her and the creations of her team. The next time you are in Disneyland and grab something sweet, remember who did it and all the hard work that went into creating magic.

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