Monday , October 3 2022

Reconciliation between GFI and SAI that does not help anyone, reveals Dipa Karmakar


Dipa Karmakar and coach Bishweshwar Nandi said that it is not easy to completely ignore the obstacles between the GFI and the Indian Sports Authority and they are taking a toll on their preparations. GFI has been blocked by SAI due to "internal disputes".

Since the GFI was ruled out by the government in 2012, India has yet to have a permanent body of Gymnastics approved by the government. The federation was disbanded by the government due to internal controversy and inner-faceballing, and India's top gymnast Dipa Karmakar and coach Bishweshwar Nandi said the continued tension between GFI and SAI creates unnecessary pressure on athletes.

"There is no doubt that we are going in because there are two gymnastics federations in India. One who has Sudhakar Shetty as his own Chairman, is linked to the international body – FIG – but the ministry does not recognize it. I believe that the two organizations must rule out their differences and work to improve fitness. The battle affects the athletes, "said Bishweshwar Nandi at TOI.

Dipa Karmakar is the only Indian and the fifth in the world to successfully complete a Produnova door in the Olympics of 2016. He also insisted that, regardless of the coach's guidance, it is not easy to ignore the issues that plague the body of Gymnastics.

"Nandi Sir tells us to focus on our training and that's what we do, but these external issues are affecting me, it's not good for the sport," added Gymnast.

As the World Cup will soon be here, preparations for the multinational event seem to have been affected by the problem. While the Dipa, Aruna Budda Reddy, Rakesh Patra and Ashish Kumar have been confirmed for the individual device World Cup, the participation of Pranati Nayak and Yogeshwar Singh has not been cleared by the SAI.

"The general practice is that the SAI first gives the financial clearance on the trip and then makes the flight reservations and the arrangement for accommodation. The SAI gives us the proceeds from the reservation and we [GFI] update FIG and the organizers about that. However, this time a message from the SAI states that GFI should continue paying. GFI can not do it since we are fully recognized"An anonymous official said.

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