Monday , May 29 2023

Under one roof star, Zaibo dies from cancer at 62, Entertainment News & Top Stories


Singapore – The favorite Malaysian actress and comedian Zaibo, known for portraying Yusof's Meus rebus vendor in 1990's sitcom, Under One Roof, died of cancer on Wednesday (November 14th). He was 62 years old.

His wife, Siti Hawa Sawal, 52, confirmed the news at The Straits Times, saying: "I'm so sad now, give me time."

His family shared that Zaibo died at her home in Johor, surrounded by her and his two sisters.

He had the opportunity to speak the day before, but at 12.30 pm. on Wednesday (November 14th), he suddenly struggled to breathe. An ambulance was called, but from the moment he arrived, his heart had already stopped beating. He died at 1.30 pm, said his family and his funeral and burial will take place on Wednesday (November 14th).

He leaves behind his wife and nine step-guys.

Zaibo, whose real name was Zainal Ariffin Abdul Hamid, told The Straits Times two months ago that he had a phase of four cancers of the esophagus that had spread to the stomach, lungs and left cage.

He said, "I know at least six secondary schoolmates who have died. So if it's my turn, what's unusual about it?

"Everyone will go through this process, so there's nothing to be afraid of."

When he came in contact, his former co-stars from Under One Roof, expressed the sadness in the news.

Vernetta Lopez, 45, said: "It was and will always remember the most humble, funny and absolutely sweet face ever.

The Mediacorp Gold 905 DJ added: "It was someone who was so talented with a comedy, always grateful for the smallest thing, and emotional, who was not afraid to show his gentler side, he was always willing to help anyone."

Former actress Nicolay Li, 53, said: "I'm on the line at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and in a conversation with other colleagues Under One Roof about when we could visit Zaibo when I received the news."

Lee, who is currently CEO of Group X, a group of video and events companies, added: "There is an indefinable chance when you are giving the opportunity to work with people who are endowed with an amazing talent and Zaibo is definitely one of these people.

"His gift was to bring joy and laughter to all those who surround him and he will be lost so much, too.

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