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Andrés Gudiño would come to Chivas completely “for free”


It is active Chivas Looking for a goalkeeper. Apparently, Raul Gudiño will not continue to own and with the herd Antonio Rodriguez will no longer be in the team next season. Therefore, if they can not hire

Photo of Carlos Acevedo
, The new goalkeeper of the herd would be practically “free”.

Couple Gudiño-Rodriguez It gave the board a lot of headaches Chivas. Since his departure Rodolfo CotaUnder three sticks, they did not find a goalkeeper who would provide them with security, and therefore one of the tasks they are urgently looking for. Ricardo Peláez.

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Chivas’s new goalkeeper

According to information obtained Bolavip, on Chivas they opened their eyes Andres Gudino, the third goalkeeper Blue Cross and could be “free” because they wanted it as an exchange Alexis Pena, who is currently The car.

Alexis Pena passed without pain and glory First of allas. However, the rojiblanco team still has the letters and at least asked $ 4 million by the player. They will ask Andres Gudino as part of the payment.

Alexis Peña, Strengthening Cruz Azul

It is active Blue Cross now has a chance to defend the celestial arch. But the directive, José de Jesus Crown and behind him Sebastian Jurado. So that Andres Gudino There seems to be no place in the team.

Andres Gudino numbers

He played in six games Opening 2021, was able to leave without defeating the bow only once. On the contrary, he scored seven goals. However, it was a key part of the accumulation of points Blue Cross.

It is active Chivas goalkeeper change was made after the first round. Antonio Rodriguez It started as a start, but after mistakes, the reserve players were sent to the bench and remained in place Raul Gudiño.

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