Monday , October 3 2022

Day of Profit for the Mexican Stock Exchange


The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) has positive moves in day-to-day operations. Uncertainty about the results of the elections in the United States, the Price Index and Price Index (IPC) get higher profits than that 0.85%, which places it above the plane 46,700 units.

The current file compared to the previous closure shows a variant of it 381 points at 9:49 pm. This upward movement is in line with the behavior of stock markets Wall Street, who received the triumph of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives in a good way.

The daily IPC operating range is between 46,400 units and 46,900, so one day profits are expected. At present, the best performing companies are OMA B, with 3.73%? Peñoles, with 2,64%, and Mexican Economic Development, 2.38 percent. Those with significant losses are Group of TV units with -3.10 percent? Genome Lab, with -2.20%, and Airport and Pacific Group, with -1.01 percent.

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