Saturday , July 2 2022

"El Chapo" guzmán locks for wife from his imprisonment in the United States | Photo 1 of 3 | United States


The Drug Trader Joaquín & apos; El Chapo & apos; Guzmán (61) He faces a trial that could take him back from bars for his entire life and, according to his relatives, all he does is ask his beautiful wife Emma Coronel (29).

"She is very in love with her and other women in her harem know it very well," they said in the United States. & Quot; El Chapo & quot; He met Emma when he was 17 years old and was enough to look for the "click". She is also the daughter of Colonel Narco & El Uno.

That's how his love story began. El Chapo"She was married to Emma and did not even divide the two spouses she had already. She won several beauty contests.


Emma has not abandoned the drug trafficker and is leading a campaign to support him. They have twin daughters (Maria and Emily).

Jack Riley, a former DEA member, said Emma is responsible for putting her husband in the public as a "humanitarian leader."

As you remember, a & Quot; El Chapo & quot; She is also emotionally associated with the beautiful Mexican actor Kate del Castillo.

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