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Encourage creativity with video games


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Mexico City Video games are a means of entertainment that increasingly includes more user skills. Nintendo, for example, is committed to the creativity of Nintendo Labo players, cardboard accessories designed to work with the Nintendo Switch that allow you to create many concepts such as car, piano and even airplane.

Although the idea is simple, because cardboard sheets allow the creation of objects such as a wheel or a fishing rod, the innovation is that they are linked to a video game designed with challenges and missions. "After building, it's something you can interact with in the game. We bring cardboard data to real life," said César Pérez, Nintendo's Marketing Director in Latin America.

The accessories called Toy-Con can be assembled by anyone aged six years or older. They are filled with ropes and links for their operation. except the reflective seals detected by the infrared sensors of the console controls. In this way they can perform various actions such as starting an engine.

Three packages offering different experiences are sold today: the variety kit that includes various items such as piano and fishing rod. The Robotic Kit that lets you build a backpack to take control of a giant robot and car kit that includes three different vehicle experiences: a car, a submarine, and an airplane.

Each package includes several cardboard sheets with molds to enhance the control of each of these devices. In the case of the car you will need to collect a brochure. A lever will be built for the plane. And, to start the vehicles, a pedal must be built.

All kits are available at video games stores with an average of 1,600 pesos. Each one contains a tape for the console that works in two different ways, such as a videogame and a instruction manual that explains in a simple way the step-by-step explanation for assembling and making cardboard pieces.

"Labo invites the player to take advantage of the console's functions to make his own Toy-Con," concluded Perez.

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