Monday , January 30 2023

Gael García, embracing with the subdued


"We are compas". With this phrase, Gael Garcia Bernal He stayed this weekend when he attended the Puy Ta Film Festival Cuxleyaltic-Snail of Oventic, in the Highlands of Chiapas. There he received "La Clapper", Maximum recognition of the contest in the Zapatista area, by both children, who also gave her a ski mask doll.

"They almost do not know him in the cities by name, but because of his sins because of" Amaro's father's crime, "Subcomandante Galeano said at the time he called on the actor from Guadalajara to collect the prize.

Then the actor from the films "Y tu mamá también" and "Amores perros" shared a photo with the sub in the social network, inviting people to make a "meme"" All I can put Instagram will be a huge skill, "the text began.

"So I'd like to prepare the mime for this photo before anyone does it." "Make the revolution ME that looks like you …" or "Pepe Grillo bent to mark the future …" Or anything, "fell.

It shows that every reflection or true portrait of experience accompanies it. "And it is a common heritage of memory … And well, how nice it is to be in one place to share the utopias. Because among so many horizons this conversation connects us directly. compas"

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