Monday , March 20 2023

"King Grupero" makes a tough joke at Niurka and the actor is thrown into hits


King Groupe is a director who has won many audiences but few "virtues" of his "victims" because he is dedicated to playing jokes on any individual, be it ordinary or actors, celebrities, police officers.

Their comrades are Big Danger and Polydraco, and their jokes have been beaten many times. the professional fighter Marco Corleone was about to seriously hurt him once, apparently the Youtubers are not interested, continue to play.

Marco Cornone threw it on the floor without any problems, and the thing became almost serious. PHOTO: YouTube.

King Grupero and Polidraco decided to "play" with the feelings of controversial Cuban actress Niurka. Polydraco pretended to be an invalid and silent person with the desire for a kiss from the actor.

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The reaction of the actor

Niurka felt very excited, and when she was about to give him a kiss, she put another one in her mouth and began to kiss her. The actor threw a rude and told him that "these things are not played" … although youtubers continued to laugh.

Characters have been criticized for their heavy jokes, which obviously outrage their victims and run and scream that they will "hit them".

They throw water on people, "water with hairs", "seal" the merengue biscuits on their faces and even lower their clothes. They have received threats and are on the brink of being "the victims themselves" because they do not know what reaction people will have.

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