Friday , March 31 2023

Locates SAT 600 Thousands of companies "ghost"


Mexico City The Tax Administration (SAT) identified 600,000 companies that could carry out simulated pricing operations to avoid the Treasury.

Samuel Arturo Magaña Espinosa, central planning and planning officer for federal tax audit, reported that 13,000 partners or shareholders of these companies were also identified as "facades or ghosts".

At a press conference, he pointed out that the dangerous companies belong to various sectors such as traders, media, football, among others.

The SAT has identified a new aggressive tax simulation system that taxpayers use to avoid paying income tax through simulated business pricing companies as well as borrowers participating as partners in these companies.

In the defined system, payment companies are involved, who avoid all contributions in their place, asking for their salary credit, deductions and allowances.

Partners of these companies have identified politically exposed people and people who have already died are discovered in the workforce.

He estimated that the amount of tax avoidance bans is two billion pesos a year.

It was found that partners, shareholders, legitimate representatives, including large companies, are taking part in the use of this regime, who have been called upon to voluntarily correct their financial situation and avoid being subjected to the process of committing a crime.

In the first established case of a taxpayer using this system, he was required to voluntarily correct his tax situation and pay more than 161 million pairs corresponding to the ISR for five financial years, which allowed the completion of the criminal proceedings.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the universe of registered active taxpayers is one million 943 thousand. These are data from December 31, 2017, the most recent available.

The 600 thousand companies that simulate businesses account for 30 percent of active taxpayers.

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