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North Korea threatens to continue the nuclear plan if the sanctions continue


North Korea threatens to continue the nuclear plan if the sanctions continue


North Korea he warned that he could re-activate his state policy to strengthen his nuclear arsenal United States does not eliminate economic sanctions against the country when progress on resolving the conflict in Pyongyang has been a major step forward.

The statement comes when the North American analytical group is 38 North, providing the following information North Korea, reported that the Phenjan regime enriched uranium production plant is still in operation.

The text issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was created in the midst of random use and the discomfort between Seoul and Seoul, with the aim of putting pressure on the north to give up its nuclear program.

The ministry said that North Korea can regain the "pyongjin" policy to simultaneously promote its nuclear power and economic development if United States it does not change its position.

The North did not threaten the ongoing nuclear negotiations by United States, but accused Washington of expelling the commitments made by North Korean leader Kim Jong and President Donald Trump at the Singapore Summit

In an interview with Fox News, Sean Hannity, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, said he would intend to talk to his North Korean partner next week, apparently referring to Kim Yong Chol's North Korean official.

Pompeo did not specify the place and date of the meeting, which is likely to focus on persuasion North Korea to step up its efforts towards nuclear liquidation and to create a second summit between Trump and Kim.

"Much work is needed, but I am confident that we will maintain the economic pressure until leading Kim does not fulfill the commitment that President Trump has made in June in Singapore," said Pompeo.

Declaration by the Foreign Ministry North Korea, on behalf of the US Department of Education's Department, said that "improving relations and sanctions is incompatible".

United States believes that its repeated sanction and pressure will lead to the abolition of nuclear weapons. "We can not laugh in such a dumb idea," he said.

The ministry announced the abolition of sanctions United States the North Proactive and Benevolent Action, the suspension of the investigation of intercontinental and nuclear ballistic missiles beyond the closure of a nuclear test field.

Following a series of nuclear and missile tests last year, Kim moved to diplomacy when he met with Singapore's Trump and held three summits with South Korean leader Moon Jae.

The North, however, insists that sanctions should be suspended before progress on nuclear negotiations is achieved, which the Government of the White House strongly opposes.

The Friday statement announced for the first time that the North says it could continue testing weapons and other development activities as Kim announced a new state policy in April.

According to North 38, the study of the commercial image of the pyoscian concentrated uranium experimental plant from 2016, which is the two largest concentrates of this mineral North Korea, suggests that this facility works so far.

This will require the future nuclear arms transfer agreement North Korea do not acquire natural uranium, which is a key substance for producing a highly enriched uranium of the nuclear weapons program.

The images also show that the volume of mining waste piles showed a significant increase and their accumulation in the 2016 waste container, indicating continuous mining, grinding and concentrating activity.

Last August, at the request of the United Nations Security Council, this was revealed North Korea did not break its nuclear program and continue to develop new missiles, clearly violating sanctions UN.

The report also indicated that Pyongyang wanted to sell weapons abroad and significantly increased the illegal traction of offshore oil products to circumvent sanctions.

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