Tuesday , October 4 2022

"Not because they do not have a technician to play without desire": Kempes a Ochoa


Mario Kobe talked about the Mexican goalkeeper's statements Guillermo Ochoa, after saying that "a technician is urgent to work on preparing the toys", referring to his Qatar 2022.

"Let them appear Mexico, Play Play with the shirt Mexico and even if they do not have a technician, they have to prove that they are fit to continue the selection. Not because they do not have a technician, they are going to play without a wish and I think the thing is stupid, say they have no one to prove, they should appear every day and more if they wear the shirt of the team, "said the world champion at ESPN.


It was also drafted for his arrival & # 39; Martino on the quay Three, noting that he needs to analyze with which players he will continue.

"With Argentina, he was not so lucky, but he can have it with the Mexican national team, you have to see how he will face this and we have to see that in the Argentine team Messi and Messi had a lot of problems. in Mexico if you want a renewal or try to mix yesterday with tomorrow, "he said.

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