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Paul McCartney clarified who separated the Beatles


Paul McCartney clarified who separated the Beatles, is one of the most important British bands in the music industry of all time. “Lennon wanted a divorce,” the 79-year-old musician said.

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr They separated 51 years ago, but the collapse of The Beatles continues to give something to talk about, as its songs continue to be heard by people all over the world and at all ages.

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Paul was not guilty

Rock history has portrayed the bassist as the man who disbanded the band for different situations, but now defends himself and reveals that the first way out is Lennon.

“I did not encourage division. It was our Johnny, “McCartney told the BBC.

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The Legend of The Beatles

The Beatles were an active British rock band in the 1960s. and was recognized as the most commercially successful and most critically acclaimed in the history of commerce popular music and rock music.


  • John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocalist)
  • Paul McCartney (Bajo, Vocalist)
  • George Harrison (guitar soloist, vocalist)
  • Ringo Starr (drums, vocalist)
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Paul is convinced that “it was my group, my job, my life, and so I wanted it to continue. “

John built a new life Yoko, always wanted to separate himself from society, because he was raised by his aunt Mimi quite repressive, so he always wanted to be free, McCartney said.

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At the time, it was said that Paul was to blame for the music and labor crisis, because he was the first to say so. The Beatles were no more.

He was charged spoils the dynamics Asking lawyers to resolve their disputes, the group has struggled with a load of McCartney so far.

When he decided to just go, McCartney noted:

“Stop there. I’m not the one who caused the separation. Oh no, no, no, John came into a room one day and said I was leaving The Beatles. Does it cause a split or not?”

He said Lennon described his work the decision to leave “is quite exciting and more like a divorce. “Other members said they stayed” to pick up the pieces, “he said.

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