Monday , October 3 2022

Profeco recovers 573 thousand pesos for claims in El Buen Fin


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As a result of attention complaints who received the Profeco in his first two days The good end, said example managed to reconcile 119 cases, which meant his recovery 507 thousand 990 pesos.

In a statement, the Profeco He assured that the providers who had the most complaints were: Walmart, Sam's Club, Soriana, Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro, in that order. Being the products around which there were more complaints: electronics as screens, smart phones and computers? followed by devices, flights and devices.

Overall they were followed 131 complaints, of which 119 were agreed, it had to do with violation of bids or promotions, price violations, or misleading advertising.

The total amount requested was 518 thousand 57 pesos, but it was possible to recover 573 thousand 702 pesos, what was the product of the attention of complaints, which in91% managed to reconcile with a recovery 110.7% of the amount of the epidermis, Profeco said.

Profeco remembered that there are 177 units nationwide of which 32 are located at airports and the rest in shopping centers, squares, shops and corridors.

There are 300 brigades to watch complaints, advises and is compatible between the provider and consumers. Besides, there is also the attention to the consumer through the Conciliaexprés who is present at 9:00 am. until 9:00 pm In addition to these tips, they are provided by social networks.


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