Saturday , April 1 2023

Return to Mexico – El Diario de Coahuila


Agencia México.- More than a month after her sake of data stolen from the Saks Store in San Antonio, Texas, Danielle Daz-Ordaz Castro's daughter confirmed that the artist is good and that she will be able to return to Mexico very soon

Through Instagram's account, the young woman made a live show where she said she lives with her mother and confesses she's the actress after the incident.

"I came to see my mom, my mom is very pleased with God, thank you for asking, very well," said Danielle Daz-Ordaz.

Together, Daniela confirmed that her sister Alexa returns to Mexico this week and that her famous mother could do so soon. "We're almost back (in Mexico), we say.

According to various media, the actor can not leave the United States until she receives a sentence for the charges against her or to serve a sentence if she is guilty of theft.

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