Tuesday , October 4 2022

The bride achieves the perfect revenge against her unfaithful partner and humiliates him at the altar


Novia discovers messages from her partner and her lover the day before the wedding, so we presented Casey's story yesterday, but now one of the texts taken by this brave woman has been revealed and we are presenting to you. After you read them, you will notice that he achieved perfect vengeance against his unfaithful partner and humiliated him in the altar.

Before going directly to the texts, let's recapitulate how everything started. According to various international gates, the bride, while drinking champagne before marriage to her bridesmaids, received many messages from an unknown number.

The first announced the worst:

"I would not marry it. Will you do it?"

Then it is said that the bride read something really painful for any woman, yes, her friend's slob wrote to her lover in a message that she had a better body than the woman she was going to marry and that was not all he said was better in privacy.

"This weekend, you and me, I'm excited," said the boyfriend to the mistress. "Your body is amazing, and you know how to use it, I would like my friend to have half the skills you have," he added. And no, that was not all, the subject also revealed to the stranger that he "never had this kind of connection before", although he was a friend with Casey for six years.

Another message said, "You are missing too much, I can not stop thinking about the king …".

It is said that once the bride saw the texts, she showed them to all who were with her and the turmoil was immediate. After the first crash and cried Casey decided to organize a way to get even if she had recommended to cancel the wedding at that time.

The next day, according to the British Daily Mail news portal, Casey appeared at the ceremony, stood on the altar and came revenge.

Casey describes it in detail: "I walked to the altar with heavy legs, the dress of my dreams was now just a disguise. She saw my face and knew I did not feel like a woman for my big day but I did not know what would come Neither he nor the present. "

"Today there will be no marriage. It seems that Alex (the noble name given to the groom) is not what I thought it was," Casey said. He took out his cell phone, which was hidden behind the bouquet, and started reading.

"I reached the front of the altar, took a deep breath and faced our friends, our parents and told the truth about Alex," he continues.

When he read all the messages of betrayal, Casey exposed the groom in front of everyone he knew. Listening to the whole story, Alex left the church with his godfather.

"There will be no wedding reception today, but there will be a celebration of honesty," the bride said to her guests.

It has to be said that screenshots included vague conversations between Alex and another woman, and they included self-handling of the two. Facts of infidelity were dated, months before and even before marriage.

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