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They prevent protection for drug withdrawal without efficacy in HIV


from: Notimex – November 7, 2018, 03:00 pm

Mexico, (Notimex) .- People with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) who are beneficiaries of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) have called for action against the incorporation of therapeutic alternatives that have not demonstrated their efficacy and safety.

Amparo was filed before the District Administrative Court against social security and national health systems.

In a statement, the movement of HIV-entitled beneficiaries (IMSS) reported that they have asked to stop the international competition "Acquisition of therapeutic products by groups of 010 drugs, 030 types and 040 narcotics and psychotropic drugs to meet the needs of Exercise 2019 . "

This is due to the fact that the therapeutic alternatives tenofovir disoproxil succinate and darunavir have not been tested in people living with HIV.

In re-examining the rules on tenders, they found that in the case of tenofovir disoproxil succinate, an additional lipid diet is required to ensure its absorption, a condition that puts people living with human immunodeficiency virus at risk.

Luis Adrián Quiroz, DVVIMSS coordinator, assured that the drug and the indications increase cardiovascular risks and renal damage, whereas in the case of darunavir, the concentration of the drug is irregular.

"For all of this, we asked manufacturers to carry out a specific study on people living with HIV to ensure the efficacy and safety of these drugs, but we did not have a response," he said.

He insisted on the need to have specific studies on drugs for people with HIV to be sure of the effects of drugs.

He emphasized that he would seek, as before, to meet with the authorities of the Ministry of Health, the IMSS and the General Health Council.

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