Sunday , September 25 2022

They see an unfair National Sport Prize at "Canelo" Álvarez


Its winners National Sport Prize 2018 they know they have tested positive for doping, presumably they would not even have been suggested in the distinction given the most important athletes in Mexico, unless your name is Saúl Canelo Álvarez and bring with it a media machine.

In February of this year, the boxer from Guadalajara tested positive for clenbuterol in two drug trials which cost him six months from the suspension Nevada Athletic Commission.

"Perhaps it would not be that way, it has much to do with the reputation, the type of sport, the marketing that manages the face, probably not, but eventually the sanction was lifted, it is free, it competes and it has already won the prize," said one of the winners who preferred anonymity.

Although it is Canelo and his team claimed that the traces of clenbuterol in his body were due to the consumption of contaminated meat, so far there is no study that could confirm or deny his position, so the boxer had to comply with sanction to be responsible for the body your.

The President of the COM, Carlos Padilla Becerra, was enthusiastic on October 30 when a journalist Candidate candidate at a press conference held at the Shamaya Museum, where Alvaraz received his middle zone World Boxing Council he grabbed Gennadi Golofkin defeating him in 12 rounds.

"Because Saúl Álvarez did not leave the PND 2018, he has represented Mexico very well, although any athlete with the doping situation is always complicated," said another winner, who said: "We know it handles the reputation could give him a specific athlete, although I do not think it is so serious, the problem exists and we all know it. "

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