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What are the most valuable brands in 2018?



Undoubtedly, with technology almost everything has changed in the world. On the subject of business, the technological developments of this century marked before and after.

The Strategic Advisory Brand Interbrand recently published Best Global Brands (2018) and compared it with the year 2000.

In the report, the company underlines that Apple, Google and Amazon are the three most valuable brands in the world.

Apple is the first brand to exceed $ 200,000, up 16%. While Google rose by 10%, up to 155.506 million dollars. While Amazon is the fastest growing brand (56%), up to $ 100.764 million. These brands are followed by Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Facebook and McDonald's, who returned to the Top 10 three years later.

But you have to see how the positions changed. In the year 2000, the ranking reported in detail that Coca-Cola, Microsoft and IMB were the three most valuable brands. The first two remain between 10, but IBM moved to position 12.

Followed by Intel, Nokia, General Electric, Ford, Disney, McDonald's and AT & T. Most of them changed their rankings, and others like Nokia are no longer showing up.

This year there were two new listings on the list and three reincorporations. Spotify and Subaru entered for the first time, while Chanel, Hennessy and Nintendo reappeared.

More than half of the top 100 brands belong to five sectors: Automotive (16), Technology (13), Financial Services (12), Luxury Clothes (9) and FMCG or Consumer Goods (9).

What happened;

"A decade after the global financial crisis erupted, the fastest growing brands are those who intuitively understand their customers and take courageous and emblematic moves in an attractive and innovative way," said Charles Trevail, Managing Director of Interbrand Global.

The trends exported from the exhibition are: focus on the customer, usefulness in everyday life, increasing the luxury and success of subscription-based business models.

This ranking is based on three key elements that contribute to the brand's cumulative value: the economic performance of brand products and services. the role the brand plays by influencing the choice of the customer and the power that the brand should impose at a preferential price or by securing profits for the company. It's time to stop thinking and start acting on the prompt of the specialists

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