Tuesday , May 30 2023

A pink diamond was awarded 44.3 million euros, the record price per carat


A spectacular pink 18.96cton diamond was auctioned on Tuesday for more than 50m Swiss francs (including endings), a carat record for a stone of this color from the Christie auction in Geneva.

This represents a price of 44.3 million euros, or 49.9 million dollars, for this stone called "Pink Legacy".

This emerald cut diamond, discovered about a century ago in South Africa, was acquired by American jewelry maker Harry Winston, belonging to the Swatch Swiss watch group, auctioneer Rahul Kadakia said after 10 minutes of auctioning challenged in four.

Pink Heritage, estimated at between $ 30 and $ 50 million (excluding fees), was immediately renamed by the buyer of Winston Pink Legacy.

"$ 2.6 million per carat is a world carat record for pink diamonds," said François Curiel, Christie's head of Europe. "This stone is for me the diamonds Leonardo da Vinci".

This pink diamond from the Oppenheimer family, which for decades led the De Beers mining company, was awarded by the American Gemological Institute with the highest color intensity ("fancy alive").

Most pink diamonds weigh less than one carat and those of the "fancy" variety of more than ten carats are almost unknown in auction houses.

The stone is also type IIa, which represents less than 2% of all diamonds. Diamonds of this type are among the cleanest chemicals, often with "excellent transparency and brilliance," according to the British auction.

The diamond was probably cut in the 1920s, according to Jean-Marc Lunel, international jewelry at Christie's.

A previous record of the pink diamond carat price was achieved in November 2017 in Hong Kong when Christie sold the "The Pink Promise", a fantastic live pink oval shaped diamond just 15 carats, for $ 32.48 million (2, $ 17 million per carat).

– Large diamond not sold –

Pink diamond was the focus of Christie's high-end jewelery sales, which amounted to more than $ 110.2 million, according to auctioneer Alexandra Kindermann.

86% of the lots were sold, but a large, heart-shaped, 53.53-carat white diamond, valued at 3.25-5.25 million dollars, was not sold.

A lot was controversial: a beautiful necklace of 28 natural pearls belonging to Martine de Behague (1869-1939), Bearn's cone, which was the muse of the writer, poet and philosopher Paul Valery.

She traveled the world through the oceans to her ship, "The Nirvana," searching for ancient manuscripts and antiques. According to Christie's, she has bought every one of the 28 pearls that make up this necklace, the closure of which is decorated with diamonds. An auction of more than 1,15 million Swiss francs was auctioned, while experts estimate it is between 240,000 and 340,000 Swiss francs.

A pair of earrings, decorated with two circular sapphires of 15.38 and 15.20 carats that surpassed a myriad of small white diamonds, were sold for CHF 612,500, compared with estimates ranging from 250,000 to 350,000 Swiss francs.

In addition, a pearl necklace belonging to Dodace's Horace Elgin Dodge, co-founder of the Dodge American carmaker, was sold far above estimates at almost US $ 1.12 million.

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