Thursday , June 8 2023

Business activity 2019: Senegal loses its place


The latest Doing business report has ordered 141, Senegal lost its seat. If our country got ranked 140 in 7th place in 2018 and joined the 5 most subsidized reform forest countries, this is not the case this year. What about the reforms that made him join the 5 most representative countries in the zone? At this point we note that in 2018 Senegal changed from 5 reforms in 2019 to 2. The 2018 Doing Business report also states that the Senegal-related business activity comment from 53.78 in 2018 to 54.15 in 2019.
It should be noted, however, that Sub-Saharan African countries' efforts in recent years continue to be felt in order to facilitate business. According to the authors of this document, "this release of the Doing Business Report for the sixth consecutive year means that the number of regulatory reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa is the largest, which facilitates business." According to the report, "One third of Global Reforms of Doing Business 2016 occurred in Sub-Saharan African countries". Thus, they emphasize that "with 107 reforms, this region holds the world record for the third year in a row".
Likewise, the study notes that "this year marks a record for the number of reform-producing countries," of 40 of the 48 economies in the region that "carried out at least one reform compared to record 37 two years ago." states that "in the area of ​​contract implementation, the highest number of reforms in the region has been achieved through 27 reforms, followed by the creation of enterprises (17 reforms) and the transfer of properties (13)".
In the list of 10 most reputable countries this year, four out of Sub-Saharan Africa: Togo, Kenya, Ivory Coast and Rwanda. According to the document, "in the last 12 months, these countries have implemented a total of 23 reforms". They also stated that "Rwanda is the country of the region that has introduced most reforms: 7 in the last year". Moreover, "the five reform of credit, Gabon, Guinea and Sudan are among the most important reforming countries".
The article's authors argue that "the 8 reform of electricity credits is a sub-Saharan African country."
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