Tuesday , October 4 2022

[Coupe de la Ligue]- Le Raal, winner of the Malian Stadium in the final Footmali – News of Malian Football, Eagles of Mali and Febet


1st Class

The curtains fell into the Bamako Championship Cup, version 2018, with the coronation of AS Réal, winner of the Malian Stadium at Bamako.

While waiting for the start of the new federal season, Bamako's AS Réal shows that they are well on the feet or at least a lot more feet than other clubs in Bamako.
Indeed, the Scorpions have just won another trophy, winning in the 2018 Cup Cup the Malani Stadium of Bamako with the score of 2 goals in 0. Two achievements were signed by Amadou Haïdara.
It was Silué Yelato's second victory in the men's category on the same opponent after 5-3 penalties (0-0 after setting) in the BDM Cup final a few months ago.

Competition in the warm-up of first-class players pending the start of the federal period, the Coupe de la Ligue was conducted between 8 teams from Bamako (after the withdrawal of 4 others, including Djoliba) in the singles championship after the first two leagues.

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