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Good points for the first day in theaters, box office for culture


Welcome to the Box Office, the show’s weekly meeting place Soft Power. Every week we look at cultural trends and the biggest hits. In collaboration with GfK Research Institute and for books and video games CBO Cashier for movies.

Last James Bond for actor Daniel Craig: “No time to die”

Of course, we start with the movie with James Bond. You can expect to die with the giant woman Daniel Craig, French Lea Seydoux and giant Rami Malek, who appeared in the series Mr. Robot and a biopic about Freddy Mercury Bohemian Rapsodie. It’s a hit in cinemas (inevitably): 289,000 receptions in France on Wednesday, according to the CBO Box Office (we don’t have figures for the weekend yet): James Bond is presented on 812 screens in France.

The film is long (2 hours 45 minutes), filmed as a cascade and cocktail, as girls like James Bond in the rain, and inevitable tuxedos – even worn in Cuba. Starting in Jamaica and ending on a desert island, we travel a long way in this film, passing through the magnificent streets of Matera, from the troglodite villages of Puglia. Even if you buy a very bad Covid, it is a sign of the times and many social networks, a nod to Gene. Z. Awesome tension and awesome film; excellent James Bond. The press is sometimes critical, but it doesn’t matter – no one reads – and everyone will jump on this new James Bond. Perhaps the latter (there is no spoiler here), the end of a macho era, in the service of white and grandeur. The film has been postponed countless times because of Covid: James Bond is the most anticipated pandemic in history.

Other Wednesday walks that face this BOND tidal wave are pale. Nevertheless, we must pay attention to one good news: Palma d’Or Titan, Julia Ducournau’s feature film has exceeded 300,000 views in France. This is very little compared to the previous Palme d’Or’s nearly two million Parasite Bong Joun-Ho, but in the age of Covid and health, not so bad.

“Dragon House” and d’HBO Max in Europe

HBO released the first footage of the series this week Dragon House, received Game of thrones, takes place 300 years before the events of the world’s most popular series. The teaser has been watched more than 11 million times and the series will air in 2022: a key element of the strategy of the HBO Max platform, which is preparing to arrive in Europe, but not immediately in France since the exclusive deal. It will not end with OCS until 2023.

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Mona Chollet is in second place in the best sales tests of the week

Swiss essayist and journalist Mona Chollet continues and is the second best-selling GFK this week. His book: Revive love is the success of a large bookstore, especially as the previous name Witches, the invincible power of women is still sold in 21st place in the GFK non-artistic rating.

We think we will return to another success at another time. Witch exactly, the remarkable essay Michelet wrote about these women in 1862 was considered satanic because they created “a kind” with “knots of hysteria” and “nonsense with love” – ​​to speak like a poet. Take revenge on Michelet yesterday and the Mona Chollet today against the Inquisition, a satanic, nervous and crazy woman, and correct them.

According to our colleagues, Eric Zemmour, who still sells 165,000 copies for the first time in the GFK rankings Parisli, but sales are said to be declining. In particular, as Pierre Assouline explains on L’Express, booksellers are resisting: refusing to sell France did not say the last word. Which is illegal. A bookseller cannot refuse to sell books in France. But he can’t put it on a window or on a shelf, or claim he doesn’t have a copy anymore, Assouline explains.

GFK, ranking of the best sales of the week, category tests and documents.

Great luck to Patrick Modiano and Marie Darrieussecq

Despite the best-sellers expected from Guillaume Musso and Bernard Werber, a small move in best-selling “fiction” went a little further by Amelie Nothomb. Although it is too early to know the sales, two new releases will have to be closely followed: Patrick Modiano’s new novel, Chevreuseand He doesn’t sleep Everyone talks about Marie Darrieusecq’s insomnia, who considers sheep as singer Barbara. A book to read … “Fighting the Dark” at around 3:33 pm (as Anna Cabana wrote beautifully in JDD this morning). We’ve read these two books, and if they fall into GFK’s best-selling books, we’ll talk to you again next week.

As for books, let’s finally mention the publication of a lesser (and even the best-selling) master’s dissertation on Black in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her name: Black. Signed … Samuel Paty. A happy initiative from history teachers who find and publish. Not bad for a student thesis, and it is published in the university press of Lyon, where he is a student: it costs 10 euros. Samuel Paty was assassinated a year ago, on October 16, 2020, for offering his students to study cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Amazon enters the world of video games through the front door with “New World”.

A word about New world, a completely new mass multiplayer role-playing game (like World of Warcraft). It is an MMORPG game for “Mass Multiplayer Online Role Play” played online with a large number of players. New world Released on September 28, it is a great game that is already highly respected among veterans of this genre. First of all, this is the first big project of the very young Amazon Game Studios, Amazon’s video game studios. GAFA has long failed in the video game industry: with New world, we can say that Amazon has successfully leaked.

Music: Billie Eilish’s “There Is No Time To Die” Broadcast

And then, to announce the return of Billie Eilish thanks to James Bond in Spotify’s TOP 20 in the world: There is no time to die. The film’s sequel, which plays the role of an unusual and slightly overdue credit, is in tune with Billie Eilish’s music: 334 million games on Spotify.

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It should be noted that a great title We always have in the world You can also find it in the soundtrack of the film by Louis Armstrong.

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This box office is from the Soft Power show on October 10, 2021. “Generation X-ray

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