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Iran's prime number attacks Trump before new sanctions


Iran's prime number attacks Trump before new sanctions

Two days before the new US sanctions entered into force, Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, on Saturday, accused Donald Trump of "the United States that he would be the ultimate loser of this policy.

Six months after the Iranian international nuclear agreement door closure, which reached the United States in 2015, he confirmed that he would restore the oil and banks' most stringent sanctions on Tehran on Monday.

Since the accession to power, Iran has adopted hostile policies, Mr Trump, who this nuclear agreement wrongly ordered in August last year, the first group of economic sanctions against Tehran.

The European Union, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, which signed the agreement with China and Russia to prevent Iran from acquiring atomic bombs, said she was sorry for the US decision. All of its sanctions were lifted as part of the nuclear business.

"This new US president … has conquered the United States' prestige and the remains of democracy," said the Iranian leader of Trump's Twitter account. "The power to force the United States, using its economic and military power, is also falling," he said.

The first person in the Iranian state and the chief decision-maker of sensitive issues, ayatollah Khamenei, launched an American policy.

"The dispute between the United States and Iran lasted for 40 years, and the United States acted against us," he said, denouncing the military, economic and media war.


Ayatollah Khamenei says "in this debate the losers are the United States and the victor of the Islamic Republic".

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has ruled that US sanctions violate the nuclear agreement and UN resolutions and the contempt for human values. moral and ethical. "

On the other hand, he welcomed the position of Europeans "on the basis of the continuation of the agreement", according to which the EU will consider setting up an Iranian oil buying mechanism despite sanctions.

The United States is a sworn enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the diplomatic ties between the two countries have been broken since 1980.

Iran's president, Hassan Rohani, the architect of nuclear trade with the American government of Barack Obama, has started to meet with the historic text that has closed Iran's isolated year.

But the election of Trump, who in his election campaign caused Iran and nuclear weapons a major damage, changed the situation.

"President Donald Trump has re-established the stricter sanctions they have never accepted" to bend Iran, the White House announced on Friday. Mr Trump said that "the goal was to force the regime (Iran) to make a clear choice: either leaving its devastating behavior or pursuing an economic catastrophe."

"No trial"

New penalties impose sanctions by blocking all the countries or companies in the US market that continue to buy Iranian oil or trade with the Islamic Republic's banks.

"The goal is to deprive revenue in the world of death and destruction," said Mike Pompeo, as the United States attempts to stop the program. Iran's ballistics and influence in the Middle East.

However, for eight countries, Iran must continue to be allowed to buy oil for at least six months. The list of these countries will be known on Monday.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the US wanted to cut Iranian financial institutions hit by the sanctions of the swift international banking system, which is an essential element of the financial system.

Despite hostility, Trump reiterates that he is ready to meet with Iranian leaders to negotiate a comprehensive agreement on 12 US conditions: nuclear weapons, much more powerful and lasting, and proliferation of missiles and destabilizing activities " From Tehran to the Middle East (Syria, Yemen, Lebanon …).

"We are ready to reach a new, more comprehensive agreement with Iran," Trump said on Friday.

But the Iranians have already rejected the dialogue with Washington. "There will be no negotiations with the United States," Ayatollah Khamenei said in August.

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