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L. Nations – France, Belgium, Portugal … The point before the last games


Antoine Griezmann scored twice to overthrow Germany. (A. Reau / The Group)

League of Nations

The team phase of the UEFA Champions League restarts on Thursday and ends next Tuesday. France, Belgium and Portugal are very good at playing the Final Four, Ukraine is already certain to be promoted to League A. FF.fr made the point before the final sprint.

France, Belgium, Portugal and Spain for the Final Four?

League A dream: France, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, England and seven other options, the twelve best in Europe according to UEFA. However, only four of them, the first of each team, will be able to play the Final Four (semi finals, small final, final) from June 5th to June 9th. And it could be that France is part of this last square. The men of Didier Deschamps must at least take the Netherlands into account this Friday to secure first place. But the Oranje are still in the race and can still dream of ending up for the finals a few months after the 2018 World Cup. The Germans do not have the chance to finish first.

In the second pool, the Belgium is on track to win, but remains connected with Switzerland. However, the Belgians still have two matches to play, one against Iceland and the other against Switzerland precisely, who will have the scent of the final team. Another small final, Portugal against Italy The Portuguese need just one point to qualify. But Nazionale can still believe it. In the last team, Spain is in pole position. A victory against Croatia would give him the first place, but England did not say the last word. If the Spaniards do not win, the Three Lions could take the lead in winning the finals of the last World Cup, as they scored more goals than Roca in the clashes between the two teams. Croatia, it just needs to win both games, but it seems complicated due to the current performance of the choice. Tournaments B, C and D will not play in the Final Phase, but they should look good, with one of the right spots for Euro 2020 qualifiers to be the first in each team.

Ukraine in union A, but with whom?

The first of each team League Two will be paid in the League A and can find the French team on the way to the next tournament. But, at present, only one team is sure to lead, it is for Ukraine. His Russian neighbor is too far away to emulate him. Bosnia and Herzegovina only needs a draw with Austria to secure its position in the League A but has a meeting in advance and has no right to make a mistake in this confrontation. In the last team, Wales, always the first, is playing a crucial fight against Denmark.

Israel or Scotland, Finland … who should go up?

in League C, it is desirable to join the League B. Israel and Scotland will have to fight for the first place in Pool 1. Note that the other teams are made up of four teams. Finland is ahead with 12 points but should not lose Greece, who can still qualify. Norway and Bulgaria are neck and neck Same for Serbia and Montenegro, but Romania is still fighting for the first place.

In the Union D, Georgia assured its upward trend. Luxembourg and Belarus are fighting for the top spot, unless Moldova takes advantage of the two teams' mistakes. The third group is still very tight, and Kosovo and Azerbaijan, respectively, first and second, are cautious about the return of the Faroe Islands. Finally, Macedonia is currently at the top of its team, ahead of Gibraltar and Armenia, but nothing has yet been done …

Like Germany and Croatia, which groups are at risk?

In the four tournaments, some teams are questioned and the risk of descent feels. Within the League A, Germany is on the brink. The 2014 world champions count on a French victory, but they also have to win with the Netherlands, staying in the League One, at the expense of the Dutch just. Iceland and Poland have already been condemned to fall. Croatia has to do a sport, drawing at least a draw with Spain and winning against the Three Lions to stay in the tournament elite.

In the League B, Slovakia still has the destiny in its hands, but it must achieve great performances against Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Sweden is in a similar situation, but it can survive if it is to win in Turkey, or get a point, and in this case defeat Russia in the last fight. Northern Ireland, with no points, should not remain in League B. Its neighbor, Eire, has no destiny in hand and hopes that it will be in poor condition from Denmark.

Finally, at League C, nothing has ever been done in the first team. Albania can still hope to climb, despite its third place. Scotland and Israel will also have to do the maintenance. Lithuania is in a different situation, it has to make it right to not fall down in League D. In other hens, the retention will be questioned between Hungary and Estonia and between Cyprus and Slovenia.

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