Sunday , September 25 2022

Lebanon at an international film festival


More than 70 film productions will be screened at the 23rd International Rabat Film Festival, which will feature fourteen films in the official competition. The opening ceremony of this event, which was organized by the Association of the International Rabat Culture and Arts Festival with Lebanon as a guest prize, was held Friday night at the National Theater of Muhammad. the official competition is the "Youtopia" by the Italian director Berardo Carboni, "Resurrection" by Kristof Hoornaert (Berlgique), Franco-Lebanese's Goodnight Bahij Hojeij, "Namme" directed by Zaza Khalvashi Roman Bomarhak and Tunisia Mohamed Ben Atia. It is also the journey of the Iraqi Mohamed Al Daradji, Nima Eghlima's "Amir", Martin Guenca's "El author", Duval of Kamal Kamal's French "Manuel Sanchez" "Nadira" "Solo" by Abdellatif Abdelhamid (Syria), "Write in the snow" of Palestinian Rashid Masharawi and "Laaziza" by Mohcine Besri (Morocco).
The opening of the festival was marked by a tribute to Moroccan actor Fatima Harrandi (Raouia) in recognition of her brilliant artistic career. A live tribute was also given to the Egyptian actor Mahmoud Hemida and the American director of Ethiopian Haile Gerima. At the same time, the chairman of the Association of the Rabat International Culture and Arts Festival, Abnelshahn Mandrak, stressed the role of seventh art in cultural diplomacy, noting that cinema "reduces distances, borders and erases stereotyped images." He also said that this edition will feature films from Moroccan directors living abroad, able to accompany their film creations as a Moroccan cultural and artistic product. Actor Fatima Harrandi, for her part, said she was happy and moved from the tribute she was given, saying she was in her eyes a gesture of deep symbolic recognition.
The festival's jury, under the chairmanship of the director and professor of films Haile Gerima, is composed by the professor of psychological actor Rose-Marie Chahine (Lebanon), painter Hassan Bourkia (Morocco), researcher in the Manuela Paschi philosophy (Italy) director David Peter Fila (France-Congo), journalist Cathrine Ruelle (France), journalist and director Lidia Peralta Garcia (Spain).
At the end of this opening ceremony, the Japanese film "Une affaire de famille", won at Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, was screened by Hirokazu Kore-Eda.

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