Monday , October 3 2022

Morocco has more than 2 million diabetics


Half of them do not know they are sick, the Moroccan Ministry of Health estimates.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day on 13 November, the Moroccan Ministry of Health revealed alarming facts: in the country, more than 2 million people aged 18 and over suffer from diabetes. Half of them are unaware of their condition and more than 15,000 children suffer from this disease. And the trend does not seem to be reversing, as 35,000 to 45,000 new cases are recorded every year.

14 million euros are spent on treatments every year

According to the Moroccan Health Insurance Agency report of 2017, 48% of health spending in the country is for long-term illness (ALD), and diabetes accounts for 11% of these costs. The procurement of antidiabetes medicines costs the state 156.7 million dirhams (about 14 million euros) each year, and 60% of these costs are insulin.

The Ministry of Health is launching a comprehensive plan to fight diabetes. It is divided into five components: prevention, control, extension of healthcare supply, budget increase and communication. The government intends, among other things, to promote "the adoption of a healthy and balanced diet, physical exercise and anti-smoking".

An increased risk of mortality

Many studies have shown an increased risk of death in people with diabetes who develop more often cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, digestive diseases, infectious and respiratory diseases and even cancers.

Diabetes also increases the risk of complications from passions, known as diabetic foot. The disease causes loss of sensitivity to the legs and the painful sores are infected. These infections can lead to gangrene and lead to amputation.

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