Tuesday , October 4 2022

SERIES – Adoption of GMT + 1: 75% of Moroccans do not regard the arguments put forward by the El Othmani government as "convincing"


This is what small people think, not governors. According to a survey by the Moroccan company Claire Vision Consulting, 75% of respondents find no convincing evidence of the government's arguments regarding the adoption of the new GMT + 1 timetable, which sees no interest.

The results of the survey, which were reported by Hespress, also reported that 89% of the Moroccans are opposed to the adoption of the new GMT + 1 by the government, while only 7% said they were satisfied with this measure when 4% expressed an opinion.

The survey also revealed that 42% of respondents believe the new program could cause serious health problems for citizens, especially children.

+ Fears about children's balance … and people's safety +

According to the survey, 95% of respondents also believe that the adoption of GMT + 1 during the winter can have a negative impact on children's balance and may contribute to the rise of thefts and attacks. in the sense that citizens will have to go out before sunrise to go to work and return to their homeland only after bedtime.

Thus, 77% of respondents believe that the only solution is to return to the usual timetable in Morocco and give up definitely Daylight Saving Time (GMT + 1).

In addition, 16% of people believe that further thought is needed on summer time selection to ensure its effectiveness.

The survey of Claire Vision Consulting was conducted with a sample of 845 people representing different socio-economic groups, of which 52% are women with a margin of error of 3.5%.


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