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The Air Algeria UGTA division: "All aircraft are screened in accordance with international safety standards"


The Air Algeria UGTA division: "All aircraft are screened in accordance with international safety standards"

DIA-17 November 2018: Air Algeria's union of workers assured Saturday in Algiers that all airlines aligned for flights are "technically inspected for navigation in accordance with security standards," the Air Algeria division released on Saturday under General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA).

"These days, we see attacks on the Air Algeria national flag, indicating a lack of technical control of these aircraft.

We assure users and formally certify that Algerian airplanes aligned for flights are technically controlled for airworthiness in accordance with safety standards established by national and international authorities, "the source said.

"The maintenance of the aircraft is provided by highly skilled and certified engineers and engineers by the National Authority (DACM)," he says.

Therefore, "all aircraft participants must hold a license issued by DACM and have an APRS (Return to Service) license duly affixed to the ATL (Aircraft Technical Bureau), the technical flyer of the aircraft to which the advice of the technical crew and the competent authorities at the destination airports ".

In this regard, the trade union department stated that before each departure "the aircraft is subject to three rigorous checks by the airplane engineer, the SACA and the flight crew".

Upon arrival at the destination and like other airlines worldwide, Air Algérie aircraft are also subject to another technical inspection by authorized authorities such as the SAFA for the European region, the source said.

Thus, the Air Algeria trade union contradicts all impressive information by inviting writers to people who do not hesitate to use all means to slander and denigrate and commit the wrath of doubt and attack the Algerian aeronautical preservation it has acquired already her nobility for decades. "

"What about the quality of work done today in state-of-the-art facilities and that has nothing to jealous in other foreign jurisdictions," the union said.

"At least we should be honest to recognize the excellent work done by experienced technicians and engineers, and even recognized by foreign aircraft manufacturers and equipment," he continues.

It clarifies that maintenance is endowed with European and international approvals enabling it to carry out the activity in accordance with the required standards such as DACM (national approval), EASA Part 145 (European approval), IOSA international accreditation and ISO quality certification template).

According to the association, "these approvals were bitterly taken by the company after a serious and stable job."

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