Wednesday , October 5 2022

The movie "Breaking Bad" will be the sequel to the series, with Aaron Paul (but without Bryan Cranston?)


Actor Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman, in the series "Breaking Bad" (5th season here). – AMC / SONY

Another fame Wednesday, the movie Breaking bad is a Reality on Thursday. Indeed, several media have rumors about a feature film adapted to the worship series, not knowing whether they were intended for cinema or television or whether the protagonists were adventures. Only certainty, creator Vince Gilligan is responsible and filming is scheduled very soon. However, according to
the American site Slashfilm, this film will not only be a story in his world Breaking badsuch as
the spin-off Better Call Saul, but the immediate result of the series! Better, actress Aaron Paul will repeat the role of Jesse Pinkman.

"I honestly did not read the script"

The site also confirms that Vince Gilligan writes and produces the feature film but does not say whether he will. It should also be part of the agreement signed by the scriptwriter with Sony TV and therefore probably broadcast on television on the AMC channel. As for the pitch that was broadcast on Wednesday, it fits perfectly with Jesse's fate after the end of the series: "The Flight of a Scammer and the Quest for Freedom."

As for Bryan Cranston, he does not know anything yet. "I honestly did not read the script," he explained during a radio show The Dan Patrick show. So the question is whether Walter White will be in this movie or not. "

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