Wednesday , May 31 2023

ADO The Hague is actively looking for fireworks | Football


A statement from ADO said: “As a club during the match, we were pleasantly surprised by the behavior and events at and around the Cars Jeans Stadium.” “We don’t like the songs, the fireworks and the worries of a small part of the people in our stadium, and we stay away from them.” ADO hopes to track criminals with camera footage and a speech recognition system. They can look forward to the ban in the stadium.

According to the ADO, the intervention of managers and employees prevented the escalation. Police arrested five people after the game was seized outside the stadium. “Unfortunately, there was still a confrontation and police intervention after the match. ADO Den Haag wants to emphasize that he is very serious about this issue and will use all means at his disposal to track down and convict those responsible for this misconduct.”

The fireworks were fired at the Midden-North area in the center line of fanatical supporters. Fans raised banners reading “KNVB mafia” and “We can take our points, but we are never proud.” Due to financial problems, ADO has already removed 6 points from the license commission this season. There will be an additional 3 point discount in the short term

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