Monday , March 20 2023

Beau Monde | Anouk: "I'm still trembling for a show"


The Dutch singer Anouk has been known for years and sings day after day but still seems full of nerves when she has to go to the stage and the nerves only grow.

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In an interview Peacock Anouk always tells us to be nervous and nervous. At the talk show she sang her song live with her hands trembling. "I'm glad it's been." "If the sound is good and the atmosphere is good, then I will relax after a few songs. Sometimes I do not go out, it's quite difficult for the audience. Or the sound is so difficult that I have to concentrate to stay straight. When I suddenly go into a block, I can not move, I can not speak and I'm still standing. "


Anouk says the nerves are rising over the years. "Since I drink less or use everything is a little harder. "According to Anouk, her audience has a different image, people think Anouk is a rock star, but she's just a real mother." It was a little different. you have children and of course if you have so much. "


Anouk's children all had music lessons, but he still hopes they will not enter the world of music. "Everybody had music lessons, if they know the basic agreements, they can stop. I prefer not to go to music, certainly not in the foreground. I do not think it's the most enjoyable world. "

In addition to the not so pleasant world of music, he does not want to children to compare with it. "If you're a bigger artist, you do not want to compete with that. But if they are determined, you can not stop it. But then it has to be really musical, otherwise I'm sorry. "


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