Friday , September 30 2022

Holly Brood makes a shocking revelation for the youth


When Peter asks what Herman Brood's daughter means to be, he answers: "Nice, proud." Although Herman was an eccentric man, Holly never received anything from his ugly sides. "I'm always very proud of that," he says. Also, his addictions were nothing to observe at home. "He was super care, and very involved with his children, and very protective."

"Of course he was sick at some point and that's too sad to see," Holly continues honestly. "He felt like a used Herman Brood, and he does not want it."

Holly is only six years old when her father decides to end her life by jumping from the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. Or as he put it so nicely: put an exclamation point behind it instead of a point. "I understand this," Holly says of his choice.

What is hard to understand is that Holly, her mother and sister led to Hilton in the morning. "It had already happened," says Holly, explaining that there was a lot of police on the scene. The family was on the road to the circus and in the near future it did not have time to think about what was happening. "I'm glad we did not start watching," said Mother Xandra.

Quite strange was this sad act in high school. "When I meet these guys, I think I want to hit hard," says the bad guy. "I was a bit different, and at some point it began to get a little crazy upsets."

For example, she was told, "It looks like your father" when he jumped from a bench with a gym. He also received unpleasant messages from peers through MSN. And he did not stop in oral bullying, he was also physically intimidated and beaten with twigs. Heavy.

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