Thursday , June 8 2023

Hong Kong has now the most expensive shopping street in the world NOW


Causeway Bay in Hong Kong is the most expensive shopping street in the world. In terms of rent, the Chinese road reached the Upper 5th Avenue in New York. Amsterdam's Kalverstraat is in the sixteenth position of Cushman & Wakefield's real estate agent.

The list includes 446 shops and roads.

Shopkeepers who want to settle on a road from this ranking should feel deep in the bag. In the Hong Kong shopping area, the annual rent per square meter exceeds 24,600 euros. On Upper 5th Avenue, where rent in euros this year is significantly lower than last year, more than 20,700 euros should be highlighted.

In the Netherlands, Kalverstraat has been the most expensive road for years. With EUR 3,000 per square meter, rent is significantly lower than Hong Kong or New York. Other expensive Dutch roads included in the study include P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam (2.200 euros), Grote Straat in Maastricht (1.600 euros), Lange Elisabethstraat in Utrecht (1.600 euros) and Lijnbaan in Rotterdam (also 1.600 euros).

In Europe, New Bond Street is on the crown of London. The rent is over 16,000 euros per square meter per year, or a few thousand euros more than the Paris Champs Elysées or Via Montenapoleone in Milan.

Hong Kong was also proclaimed the most expensive office city in the world last year.

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