Tuesday , October 4 2022

Realism at Helmond Sport after club negative record: "We are ashamed"


"After so many games without victory, you can talk about a crisis," says Bart Meijers very sincerely. "It's not that good, we realize it too, we're also ashamed of not winning yet, but we do everything every week to get the first win."

Sanding at night
The meter is now in fourteen games without winning from the start of the match. On Sunday, this defeat is sometimes the thoughts of instructor Robby Alflen.

"Every defeat does something for me, it is all west, even if it can wake up at half of the fourth when I wake up, I'm not a very good bedroom, I wake up at 4:30, 5:30 or 6:30. the phase is very difficult to sleep for the second time, it is in your mind.

The text continues under the photograph of Rob Alflen.

That his head with this kind of results comes to be found in a block cutting Alflen knows. "I understand it is clear, but there is no point in doing it, but I'm not trying to do it, but I have to talk and prepare the team for the next game, that's the most important thing. "

Meijers came to Helmond Sport on a rental basis from the NAC last summer, when he did not take into account the current scenario. The atmosphere was better on arrival than it is now. "Of course, it causes irritation and friction, which is very normal, but it is important to keep looking in the same way as the heads."

The defender sees there are more problems. "We do them very easily and we need to hit them more often against the ropes, in fact, it's so simple, but it's not that easy, unfortunately, we need to find a quick answer, even if that's not easy."

Looking at all the matches, Alflen is not at all satisfied because his team has never really played and sometimes has the right to get more. "If you look at the ranking and see after the number of matches that is zero, I understand that you ask" what kind of team is that? "It's also very difficult for supporters, I understand that it does something with everyone, but I do not have the desperate sense of the ranking, absolutely not."

In this ranking is Helmond Sport 18th, just above FC Dordrecht and F1 Young FC Utrecht.

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