Tuesday , May 30 2023

The agenda drew Marthe's K3 through Breaking Relationships Fun


Also K3-friends Hanne and Klaasje was there for the brunette. "In such moments we have a lot of each other, I also get a lot of energy there, because on the scene the performances had to be continued as usual, and I had to click on my head, but nobody noticed it, only in my room had to cry a few times. "

Marthe comes Viktor, son of boss Studio 100 Gert Verhulst, still often against. "We are in the same world, for example, we sat together in Gert's boat, and that was no problem, we have a lot of respect for each other and we can still get through the same door, and I'm very happy about that."


For both Marthe and Viktor it was difficult after two years to put a point behind their relationship. "But we've worked it out together talking a lot about it, with us and with others. Knowing it's the best option means you can release it a little better."

Despite the pain, March is still behind the decision. "Viktor and I took this decision together because both were convinced it was the best choice." The two were divided as "very good friends". "We've learned a lot from each other and I always get a backpack with me, not all broken, and that's what makes me happy now."

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