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The fight against PSV loses despite the dream of Tottenham Hotspur and seems ready in Europe


The fans of PSV were easily heard at Wembley. Partly due to the early start, the atmosphere was good among the Eindhoven fans. With the absence of the equalizer, he did not get any less. But in the final phase Kane gave Brabad football fans a great fight. With two slow hits, he completely turned the game around. Not worth it, given the image of competition. Acid!

The Omroep Brabant kept the game live, read the following.

FIRST! PSV took the lead early on target from Luuk de Jong. Tottenham Hotspur often sought the attack, but the goal was great. Twelve minutes before the end, Harry Kahn scored the goal of bind, ten minutes later he made the winning goal with great luck. Due to the defeat, the PSV is at a point after four games, so it is eliminated in the Champions League. Continuity in the Europa League is still possible, but then he has to win in the other matches with FC Barcelona and Inter, in any case. The deficit in position three, where Tottenham Hotspur is today, is three points.

& 90 Six minutes of injury time.

88 & # 39; TARGET TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR! Just a while ago, the home team is lucky to take the lead. Harry Kane takes his header, Trent Sainsbury saves it. Keeper Jeroen Zoet has no chance after the Australian touches the ball: 2-1.

85 & # 39; Third and last change in the PSV. Steven Mountain wine, which did not concern much in London, leaves the field. The Mexican Guti is his replacement.

84 & # 39; Fernando Llorente takes advantage of the situation to start a counter attack down the touchline. The Spanish substitute directs the ball straight into Jeroen Zoet, the goals of the PSV goalkeeper.

82 & # 39; Huge opportunity for PSV to move on again. Steven Bergwijn with a good pass to Donyell Sanding. The substitute shoots, but the goalkeeper Powell Gazzaniga brings rescue.

80 & # 39; Secondly PSV exchange. Captain Luuk by Jong removes the captain's armband. The scorer scores on the side, Trent Sainsbury comes before the peak time on the lines.

78 & TARGET TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR! Thanks Do not it does. After many attempts, he hits for his team. After a long ball Kane wins the header of the header, substitute Fernando Llorente puts the ball back to Kane. With a convenient shot, the English striker strikes: 1-1.

73 & # 39; First change PSV: Gaston Pereiro looks like, Donyell Sanding in this.

71 & # 39; PSV is fighting for each meter, together. This time is Luuk by Jong that – almost on the back line – with a slip danger from Tottenham Hotspur it happens.

70 & # 39; Tottenham Hotspur wants to play football, but the referee stops playing because Denzel Dumfries is injured on the floor. After a traumatic activity, the defender may return to the match.

68 & # 39; Daniel Squab blocks one bad shot from Heung-Min Son. It is again a corner for English. This delivers there is no danger on.

65 & # 39; Twenty minutes played in the second half. Tottenham Hotspur has more ball possession than in the first half, but the big chances that could not be counted in the first half remain. PSV has more control and sometimes it can even become dangerous through fast-paced events.

63 & # 39; Yellow card for Heung-Min Son, Tottenham Hotspur's coach made a mistake at the speed of Hirving Lozano. The Mexican then remains clever on the ground, so his teammates can get their breath after an attack from the home team.

58 & # 39; Opportunity for PSV. From the corner, Gaston Preyro heads the goal of Tottenham Hotspur. Goalkeeper Paolo Gazzaniga is happening with good rescue 0-2.

53 & # 39; Spreading of PSV. Herbings Lozano comes out in the Tottenham Hotspur penalty shootout area, while Steven Bergwijn does the same. For the Mexican striker to pull the ball, Serge Aurier works ball for his own back line.

51 & # 39; There is one warm atmosphere in Wembley. The home crowd was not impressed. You can hear about 5000 fans of PSV.

48 & # 39; Tottenham Hotspur does what he often did in the first half, looking for the attack. With a good block, Daniel Sivab this time prevents Heung-Min Son from becoming really dangerous.

46 & # 39; The the ball hits again in Wembley. Can PSV wait for a new Spurs rush? And if this comes, will Eindhoven team score another half?

RENOVATION: All numbers speak for Tottenham Hotspur, except the most significant number. Goals (12-2), corners (8-3) and possession of the ball (69% vs. 31%). He is in favor of English. But the attitude? 0-1!

38 & # 39; Yellow card. Herbings Lozano goes first to the proof. The Mexican breaks Harry Winks.

36 & # 39; Another rescue by Jeroen Dessert. He holds the PSV at his feet. Dele Alli can take the ball at the penalty area in the penalty area of ​​Eindhoven. Alli does not touch the ball, but Sweet needs to stretch out to keep the ball out of the goal. This makes the goalkeeper good. Zero remains.

28 & # 39; Tottenham is twice again close to 1-1. Jeroen stands twice Dessert English target on the road. First it brings rescue in a shot of Christian Eriksen, then it prevents a hit by Dele Alli.

23 & # 39; Lucas Moura, Luke Moura, Lucas Moura. Three times the Brazilian tries it in an attack. First, Nick Viergever blocks a shot, Jeroen Zoet stops a bet and the third attempt is for PSV's goal. The Eindhoveners is a long way away. But no one will complain about it, the attitude is still 0-1.

21 & # 39; Thanks Do not take it space in the distance shoot. This is what the English striker does, but the goalkeeper Jeroen Dessert no problem with the shot. He takes the ball tightened.

18 & # 39; PSV has undergone a difficult phase and looks like something more under control to have.

9 & # 39; PSV he has it difficult. Eindhoven's team is far ahead, but Tottenham Hotspur is one impressive attack busy. This time, Harry Khan tries it, his shot goes through an opponent across the back line.

7 & # 39; Twice Christian gets Eriksen the purpose of a PSV fire. Once, his shot by a PSV player goes over the extreme line. The second time, the Danish player tries with something that is a cross between a low cross and a PSV target. The ball is discarded.

6 & # 39; Tottenham after the game pressure. The British want to pick up the stand at 1-1 as fast as possible. The home team is out of the box near the equalizer. Dele Alli extends the headline of Davbin Sánchez with the heel, Angelino prevents a hit on the line.

2 "TARGET POINT PSV What Start From PSV! Luuk de Jong heads from a corner with a perfect head butt the ball against the ropes, there are seventy measurements on the clock: 0-1.

1 & # 39; It starts at Wembley, the stage where Tottenham Hotspur temporarily plays domestic games. The home team started off with a tactic.

There are no surprises in the basic PSV setting. Trainer Mark van Bommel chooses the trusted trustee. A surprise for the home team. Michel Vorm came to the match in Eindhoven as an alternate after the first goalkeeper Hugo Lloris became red. However, the Dutch goalkeeper is on the bench, Paulo Gazzaniga is under the bar. In Spurs there are three players at the base with a past in the championship. Toby Alderweireld, Davvin Sánchez and Christian Eriksen have a key position. Moussa Dembélé was at his base in Eindhoven, missing from the selection.

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