Monday , March 20 2023

Zandvoort circuit via main TT Circuit Assen input – Drenthe –


The move to A28 in Assen sees a large banner hanging on Monday morning at the exit to the TT circuit.

It is a playful action by the northern entrepreneurs. They do not want to be run in Zandvoort, but in the Assen Formula 1 races.

But an appropriate circuit

Entrepreneurs participating in the campaign believe that in the Netherlands only one circuit is fit for Formula 1. "And this is the TT Circuit in Assen. The circuit has a very rich history in motor sport, it is easily accessible, has several stops and all the accommodation for an F1 circus, "they say.

Cliff and ready

For businessmen it is clear that Assen has an excellent job that is suitable for both motorcycles and Formula One cars. "To give Zandvoort a nice place in F1, we have closed a banner over the A28 at the exit at the TT Circuit, "explain their action.

This is mainly aimed at closing the eye and expressing its support for the efforts to get Formula 1 in Assen, the businessmen stress.

News from London: Formula 1 has not been forgiven yet (so Assen still has every chance)

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