Wednesday , February 1 2023

Kiwi treat the heat after the last loss


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With a test that remains and England's order has already been lost, Kiwi must now prove it is not a false dawn.

More and more, this is exactly what it looks like. their unique result over Kangaroos that create a misleading impression of where this group is located.

Michael Maguire's youth team is trying to score a new era for the New Zealand rugby championship after the horror of this year's World Cup.

At this point they have earned some respect and, from all accounts, everyone has bought Maguire's new vision by adopting professional behaviors.

All this is good and good, but the results and the energies speak louder.

For the public, nothing else matters.

The victory in England has never been easy, but after the Kangaroo stunning, before this tour, Kiwis arrived with confidence. aiming to become the first team since 1998 to record here three series of tests.

With a touch of more temper, discipline and ball control, they could, should, celebrate this stated goal.

It is so simple.

Instead, Maguire held his senior leaders – Shaun Johnson, Adam Blair, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Jesse Bromwich, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak – in the hours after the final whistle at Anfield.

"I hate to lose, personally, and I know that these boys share hatred," said the impressive young captain Watene-Zelezniak just eventually appeared. "The way we lost in the last two weeks was disappointing because we know we can play better.

"It's still up to us, obviously, we've lost the turn but we have another fight next week to try to get away with at least one victory.

"It was a good challenge for myself, but I love every moment except for the losses. It's a good learning curve for me as a captain.

England is a good team but it is not great. There's nothing blinking about the way they go for jobs under Wayne Bennett. Complete sets, defend and hang to earn points.

Many times in these last two weeks, the Kibbutz have opened them up like hot sun through the snow, only to return and twice to admit they are trying at halftime and then making seven seconds of mistakes in Liverpool.

It is this immaturity that has to shake. And quickly.

Maguire tried to remove their inexperience without ever using it as an excuse.

However, this remains in their inability to close the games and play under pressure.

The small margins – two and six points – have decided these meetings and will probably return the final dead rubber to Leeds.

Kiwi have a lot of promises, proven, even, as far as NRL is concerned, talent throughout the park.

But until they make the next step on the international stage, stand up and prove they can stop making the same costly mistakes, they will continue to be considered as inconsistent, low-performance equipment.

From chasing a win of the series to trying to avoid a calcium, it's sure to be a comedown.

"Boys had to learn quite hard lessons about what is testing football," said Maguire.

"It hurts to see a group of games as I currently have a lot of work to be constantly better not to get a reward tonight.

"It is difficult to do when we are in the position we are, but it will also define us as a team, it is the trip of this group and what we can do together."

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