Monday , March 20 2023

Logitech K810 Multi-Device Keyboard Overview: A mobile convenience that lacks only one thing


The Logitech K810 is a six-row QWERTY compact keyboard that supports Windows 7 and above, Android and Apple iOS. Multiple device keyboards are more than a luxury than a necessity, but if you are so inclined to ask you to dedicate the thumb by typing on tablets and mobile phones. This is not small if you work daily with larger emails and documents on the go.

Logitech clearly believes that you will be using it primarily with the two mobile operating systems, as the K810 is designed to be thin and light enough to fit into a laptop bag or wallet. With finished aluminum finish and laser engraved keys, it is stylish enough to be used alongside the latest mobile devices.

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logitech k810 multi-device keyboard right side Melissa Riofrio / IDG

The K810 laser buttons illuminate when your hands reach the keyboard, so you can read them more clearly in low light conditions.

You can assign up to three devices at the same time as the keypad. The process is simple: Press the Bluetooth connection button, which is separately integrated at the bottom of the keyboard, which activates the three Bluetooth keys in the function series. Touch one of these, and then follow the appropriate instructions to pair with your computer, tablet, or phone. To switch between connected devices, just tap the Bluetooth key associated with this device.

Typing on the K810 is very enjoyable. The keys are sensitive and quiet and their hollow surfaces and round corners make it easier for you to move your fingers together. There is also a specialized Windows key right where you will find it on your computer's keyboard, which will take you directly to the Windows Start menu.

The backlight of the keypad is activated by a built-in motion sensor. As your hands come close to the keyboard, the keys will light up to make them easier to read in low light. Backlight is automatically adjusted depending on the size of the light in the room, or you can adjust it manually up or down with the F5 and F6 keys, respectively.

logitech k810 multi-device keyboard left side Melissa Riofrio / IDG

The first three function keys allow you to pair and switch between multiple devices via Bluetooth.

For what it is going to do about the K810, there are some drawbacks. More specifically, it achieves much of its portability by eliminating a numeric keypad. If your job involves a lot of crunching of numbers, this is probably a non-original one for you.

The most annoying thing about me was the absence of a cradle or other way of supporting mobile devices while typing them. This is something that Logitech has included with the K780 multiple keypad and the Keys-To-Go keypad, among others, so its omission here is enigmatic. I had to support that mobile device against a book or some other object to make the screen visible when you type on the keyboard – it's a kind of discomfort.

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