Thursday , June 8 2023

Michael B. Jordan at Black Panther 2 & # 39; Killmonger Return: & # 39; Can & # 39;


Michael B. Jordan, invoking the unlimited universe Marvel, does not exclude a Black Panther RETURN.

Asked during a quick Hot 97 Thursday interview to promote the upcoming Creed follow-up to Killmonger's return, Jordan was unable to find specific facts but offered some hope for those who want it. "I do not have the answer yet," he said around the 9:50 mark. "I do not think it's all possible, possible, it's Marvel, whatever's possible."

Passing the debate in the prize awards around the original Black Panther, who saw the apparent death of the character of the Jordan, Jordan explained why he is trying not to study it. "The fact that Black Panther did what she did during this year and its impact on culture and the community, this is a victory, "she said." This is a victory alone. The awards, this is the icing on the cake. I try not to think about it because it's not under my control, but your mind wanders every moment in a moment. "

Jordan also discussed Stan Lee and his current approach to project selection. Catch the full interview at the top.

Wednesday, ahead Creed IIWith release, Jordan opened its personal treasury to release some behind the scenery from the shoot. "We grew up watching and mimicking all of them Rocky films and boxing matches and now I do not have two, but two movies with Mr. Balboa, "she told me" It just makes me feel like a child again and enjoy every moment. "

Creed II is out on November 21st.

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