Thursday , June 8 2023

Nicole Kidman supports Lovingly Keith Urban during the 2018 CMA performance awards


Keith Urban went on stage at this year's CMA Awards with asterisk awards on Wednesday and the country rower climbed to the audience for a fantastic performance of the hit single "Never Comin Down," and his wife Nicole Kidman loved it.

The national star born in New Zealand hit his guitar while standing on some huge scaffold that served as huge screens displaying pyrotechnic images and was thrilled with his explosive stage presence.

However, for Kidman, the real showstopper was her husband's voice and her wholehearted lyrics.

As Urban played, the cameras were cut into The big lies to the public, who could not but sing the performance of her husband, and even showed some small but shocking dance moves while standing in her seat.

Kidman also led the stubborn spawning of the audience after Urban's greatest number of music.

The ET spoke with Urban on Tuesday while he was singing for his big number and the singer ran to get the chance to play the song at CMA.

"We are open to playing, we start the tour with this song every night and I'm so excited we can do it here at CMA, especially with this production," said 51-year-old singer.

Urban admitted that while he was ready and rehearsals was a great experience, he could not wait to feel the pulsating energy of a noisy crowd.

"Rehearsal is so fun, but we have an audience in front of us [is the] the missing piece, "said Umban. Another missing piece was undoubtedly the glamorous support of his wife.

Check out the video below to hear more from Urban about CMA performance and why is he excited to start the Australian foot of his world tour in January.

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