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Prince Harry and Megan Marc will not ward off their child, according to a new basic report


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do not lead to an ordinary life, that's for sure. But looking at the next generation of British kings, it seems that the couple is ready to stay on the ground, even in the rich circumstances. According to a new report by We Weekly, Prince Harry and Megan Mark want to teach their children the value of "normal things" in their lives, rather than the way of life of the average family.

By some new comments from the royal journalist Omid Scobie (included in We Weeklythe Wednesday report), Markle intends to "overturn children who know the values ​​of normal things in life." So what normal childhood activities will deal with the younger royal baby coming up? (The hints are the ones that the rest of us know.) Scobie told the magazine that Markle wants to raise her family in the same way that one can:

"Meghan will take her kids to a subway, have jobs and jobs one day. They will not spoil. "

Although supporters need another reason to worship Markle, whose remarkable mood in relation to the earth (not to mention the rejuvenating tendency to make the thing "royals" its own way), she has won her boat with respect and admiration since joining the royal family earlier this year. And with the exciting new baby, now, he adds to it.

On October 15, Kensington Palace announced that Markle and Prince Harith are waiting for their first child together because of the following spring. The news came just five months after the couple knit the knot in May during the first royal wedding of 2018.

According to the traditional royal law, Markle and Prince Harry are not technically they had to discover the sex of their child before the birth of the baby. (But it seems Harry's hope for a girl). "Gender acquaintance is more American than British," explained the Royal Historian Marlene Koenig Harper's bazaar last month. Continuing, Koenig told the magazine that he would "be surprised" if Markle and Prince Harry learned the baby's sex in advance. But if they do, he said, "You will not tell the world. I can not think of any British or European royalist who announces the gender of a child before the announcement."

Honestly, most expecting parents would probably prefer at least some appearance of privacy during such a fascinating, personal time anyway – let alone those at the royal front. And as we are already moving forward, let's go back to the feedback plan mentioned by Markle. So, the duchess plans to get her future kids on the subway, eh? (Who else is currently stabilized in one very Sweet cognitive image of the smallest basil who leads the tube with Mom and Dad?) Of course, although they will know the "values ​​of normal things in life," it's no secret that the life of the Royal Baby Markle and Royal Harry still wins Is not completely normal.

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The royal protocol describes a set of "rules" that the children of the British monarchy are expected to observe – whether Mom impose the crazy wheel at home or not. The rules range from simpler things (ie spark-free nail polish, according to Queen's request) to considerably higher expectations, such as the fact that royal children must learn to lean or shake properly before the Queen until the age of 5 years and learn at least one foreign language.

These are not the most widespread early childhood lessons, but hey, this is the royal family we are talking about. And although Markle's baby and Prince Harry are probably expected to follow at least a bit of royal tradition, here we hope that the parents of the child (and the defense of public transport, not to mention the benefits of hard work) to keep them connected to the rest of the world.

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