Tuesday , October 4 2022

The homeless person "was destroyed" after a yob urge in everything he possesses


A homeless man was left ruined after he found that someone had anointed in the sleeping bag and all his belongings he had left at a shop door.

People living in Christchurch in Bournemouth, Dorset, said the disgusting unprovoked attack was "terrible".

The man – who asked not to name – was in a soup kitchen when he returned to the ShoeZone ShoeZone door of the street shoes to find everything he owned, he was 'impregnated'.

The man later left a note to please anyone who had destroyed his possessions (Picture: Wessex News)

Zoe Haine, who manages the Christchurch Soup Kitchen, said: "It is no exaggeration to say it was destroyed.

"He thinks it was someone who might have been in a pub and feels it should have been deliberate as it is obvious what the things were and belonged to someone."

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He said that man is already trying to choose "more hidden places" because he is nervous about the attacks when he is asleep and says that after the incident he was now examining the retreat to a less visible position.

"It seems that someone was not in this situation who did not think anything about what they were doing, and I think it's a very sad attitude," Zoe said.

"I know they do not all agree with people sleeping in the street and some people think they have to move but this is something we want to see?

"Is this what we want to show our children how to behave? It's so annoying to see it. "

The man had gone out on the way to the door at a ShoeZone shop (Picture: Wessex News)

A meeting with several members of the homeless community at Dorset, Zoe says this kind of event is not isolated.

"What happened to him is humanization," he said. "Some people think that every street bedroom is a drug addict or alcoholic.

"There is a very limited attitude towards the rough sleepers, not only in Christchurch but wherever you go."

In 2016, the charity homelessness showed that one in ten rough hangers had experienced their time on the streets.

He also found that the traumatized injured were 17 times more likely to have been victims of violence and 15 times more likely to have been verbally abused by the general public.

Soup kitchen requests donations of new bedrooms, tents and clothes for rough sleepers (Picture: Wessex News)

Following the spread of news about the disgusting attack on the assets of the homeless, the locals gathered money to buy him a new sleeping bag and other replacement items.

Weel-wishers online described the person responsible as "disgraceful."

Zoe added: "We know that people doing such things are minority and we always offer help."

The kitchen soup offers a "wash and exchange" service for homeless sleeping bags and they are always willing to receive gifts with new sleeping bags, tents or clothes.

"For understandable reasons, most people we help are small and often degraded," he said.

"We are always on the lookout for new or almost new pants or short-sleeved shirts, t-shirts and coats."

If you want to donate, visit the soup kitchen site here.

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