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World Bones and Common Health Components Market Analyzes 2018, Size, Share, Voltage, Top Gamers Review Waitaki Bio, Royal DSM NV, DuPont. and Archer Daniels Midland | Fast forward search


Market Overview:

Bone and joint health ingredients are the source of calcium, prebiotic fiber, soy isoflavones and vitamins such as vitamin D and vitamin K to reduce pain and strengthen the health of the bones and joints. Bone and common issues appear to be a common issue in the growing population that leads to the global market for bone and joints health. Some of the common types of bone and joint health ingredients include glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), collagen, omega-3 and others. The widespread application of these ingredients in various branches further enhances the purchase of bone and joint components.

The market for bone and articulated health ingredients is expanded through health supplements, as well as beverages and food. End users appreciate bone and joint components due to requirements for prebiotic, calcium, soy isoflavones and vitamins such as vitamin D and vitamin K. These nutrients enhance the health of the bones and joints . They also reduce pain by increasing the body's ability to endure the pain.

Bone and joint problems exist among the large populations, due to which the global market for components for bone and joint health is actively formed. Bone and joint health components that most people know are chondroitin, glucosamine, collagen, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and Omega-3. They are applied in various industries, these components strengthen the bone and joints market. According to this report, the purchase of bone and common health ingredients will increase to CAGR by 6.4% in the forecast period until 2023. Production and consumption of chondroitin-glucosamine products is increasing. Demand and supply of dietary supplements are more in the US, while consumption of ingredients for bone and joint health through food and drink is more in Europe.

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The formula based on the classification of the health market for bone and articular components includes chondroitin, glucosamine, omega-3, collagen, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and others. Among all the components for bone health and joints, chondroitin and glucosamine are often used. Typically, their combination is useful for effective overall joint health. At the same time, the use of omega-3 is expected to grow steadily. Based on the application, the market for bone and joint components is fragmented in beverages, meat products, pharmaceuticals, oils and fats, supplements, sweets & salty snacks, dairy & frozen desserts, pastries and confectionery, and more. Supplements Segments dominate the market because they are more popular as a source of health benefit compared to other industries. There has been significant growth in beverage and bakery and confectionery parts in the implementation of bone and joints health components.

Top Player Analysis:

Key players in the market for global bone and common ingredients in the US market include Archer Daniels Midland, DuPont, Synutra, Inc. In the rest of the world, players are BASF SE (Germany), Waitaki Bio (New Zealand), Rousselot) and Royal DSM NV (The Netherlands).

Latest industry news:

Ancient Nutrition, a manufacturer of collagen supplements and a manufacturer of animal fat serum proteins, has received $ 103 million for funding through strategic minority investments under the leadership of VMG Partners. This funding has also been attributed to ICONIQ Capital, Hillhouse Capital and 100 major investors throughout the healthy food and wellness industry.

The new Probotic Mix from Biopolis can reduce the need for topical steroid use by atopic dermatitis (AD) patients. Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) holds a majority stake in Biopolis.

Market segment:

The regional segmentation of the Global Bone and Joint Health Ingredients market took place in North America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world (RoW), respectively. Among these four regional sectors, North America is the largest market for bones and common health components, followed by Europe. In North America, the US is the largest market, followed by Canada and Mexico.

Given the tendency to become aware of health, more European people are increasingly geared towards functional foods and diet drinks. This leads to the purchase of components for bone and joint health in Europe. The 5 best countries presenting this trend are France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Significant growth in the bony and articulated healthcare market is expected in the near future due to rapid population growth and the increasing prevalence of bone and joint disorders. Demand, supply, sales and consumption of components for bone and joint health continue to increase as most people are aware of the components for bone and joint health. With bone health and joints that are increasingly being applied to various industries, the development of the global market is inevitable.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the top 4 bones and common health components markets are China, India, Australia and Japan respectively. Among countries that do not belong to the regional bones and joints market, Argentina and Brazil are the largest markets for South America. South Africa is the top 3 markets, followed by the rest of the world (excluding regional sectors).

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