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A real breeze waiting for Østafjells: It can reach up to 120mm of rain


Find Paraply: The rain is expected for Østafjell on Saturday and Sunday.
Find Paraply: The rain is expected for Østafjell on Saturday and Sunday. Photo: Oddstad Iron


The rest of the weekend becomes a wet case Østafjells, and meteorologists have sent a yellow warning to the whole area.


– We have sent a yellow warning of danger, which is not extreme weather, warning that some rainfall is expected. It can reach a local level from 80 to 120 millimeters in 48 hours, "said Lars Andreas Selberg, Meteorologist Meteorological Institute in Bergen, VG.

NVE also sent a warning for floods and landslides for Telemark, Buskerud and parts of Oppland due to the weather it waits.

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According to Selberg, there are many low pressures in southern Iceland, which converge to a fairly low pressure and push east. This results in increased winds and southeast continental winds in eastern Norway and a warm and wet air mass.

"This is a front that goes slowly, emitting rainfall steadily throughout the weekend," says Selstad.

This applies to Agder, Telemark, Buskerud, Vestfold, Oslo, Akershus and parts of Oppland.

Windy to the west

There will be rains in the west, but large quantities are not expected. What comes will hit rogenda first, then go north to Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. However, some wind is expected.

"Especially in the mountains there may be a small storm the most exposed parts, and a small storm along the shore south of Obrestad. In addition, there may be local strong winds over 25 meters per second, the worst spots in the lower coats.

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The wind is expected to have a peak in western Norway around Saturday morning, then head north and offer a lot of air to the interior of Møre og Romsdal on Saturday night before proceeding to Trøndelag.

"There may be a lot of wind along the Trøndelag coast, with a periodic hard and powerful whistle," says Selberg.

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Best weather in the north

Those who take the longest weekend are Tromsø and Finnmark, but do not escape the wind.

"They are ready to take the least rain, but they will be a bit stormy," says Selberg.

In the mountainous areas of northern Norway, the wind can find strong and strong winds.

Next week, the meteorologist tells us that there is hope for periods of stay for the whole country, but that there is an unstable situation that can change.

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